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We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with all of the new and emerging technologies. We can offer you all of the latest products to charge your electric vehicle and keep you safe in a power loss with automatic standby generators. We also offer services to automate your home for security or entertainment purposes. You’ll be able to control your lights, set scenes and activate your cellular shades at the click of a button on your phone. We also provide you with audiovisual solutions, from speaker wiring location or control, to simply hiding those HDMI and power cables.

Car Chargers

We want to help you charge your vehicle faster so you can get to where you need to go by installing a rapid charging system (240 volts/20, 40, 50) that will cut your charging time in half. We have a selection of chargers for you to choose from! If you already have a charger and just need help installing it, we’ve got you covered. We’ll make sure that it’s installed and wired correctly so you can stay up to code. Additionally, many installations and EV chargers are eligible for government rebate programs.

Standby Generator

You never know when you’ll lose power, that’s why we want to make sure that you’re always prepared so you don’t stuck in the dark. Get in touch with us and we’ll install a full automatic propane or natural gas generator. From connecting essential loads like sump/sewage pump to lighting up the whole house when hydro fails, we have the products to suit you needs.

Generator Panel

Already have a portable generator? Contact us to add an auxiliary electrical panel, with a manual transfer switch to power up those essential loads. Safe and isolated from the hydro side, just plug in your extension cord and flip the switch.

Light Control & Automation

Nowadays, we do everything from our phones, so why not have the option to control your home from your fingertips? We can provide you with a home automation system that won’t break your budget. We keep it simple, affordable and efficient. All you have to do is swap out the existing switches in your home with new, smart, integrated ones.

Cellular Shades

Are you tired of fighting with a cord every time you want to adjust your shades? Well we have the solution for you! We can replace your existing shades with cellular shades that are sleek, energy efficient and wireless. With these versatile new shades, you’ll never have to worry about hanging cords getting in your way or getting tangled up again and they can even be integrated with your home automation. Get in touch with us today and see all the colors and designs that are waiting for you!

T.V. Wall Mount & A.V. Cables

Are you sick of seeing messy hanging wires every time you watch T.V.? Let us help you with your new home cinema set up! We can install a new electrical outlet, c/w a data port, recessed in wall behind your smart T.V. and help you hide that cable set top box for a clean and sleek look.

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Founded and operated by electricians, Three Codes consistently delivers on our promise to provide the best residential electrical services in the Ottawa area.

Home Construction

From simple new home wiring and rewiring, to completing the wiring for your finished basement or home addition, our electrical contractors will turn your ideas into reality!

Home Upgrades

Whether you’re looking for a system upgrade for your older home or forgot to include some aspects to your newly purchased home, we have the solution for you!